Updated 5/3/20 6:15pm

We are excited to announce that we will be able to worship together in our sanctuary this Sunday, Mother’s Day, May 10.

Beginning this Sunday, you will have 3 options of engaging with us in ministry:




As always, we will co-operate with governmental guidelines with your health and safety as our primary considerations. Guided by those goals, the following “best practices” will begin this Sunday and continue through the end of June:

- There will be no children’s ministry, nursery, greeter’s ministry or Café service.

- Family members living under the same roof should sit together and leave a distance of 6 feet between themselves and other worshipers.

- We will seat people in every other row of pews.

- The Governor’s Office recommends that face coverings be worn.

- Those 65+ years old or with underlying health issues are encouraged to attend the Drive-In Service or view online.

- Anyone who is sick or has virus symptoms should not attend the sanctuary service.

- We must maintain social distancing at all times (no handshakes or hugs).

By faith, this will be a first step into a future that is filled with new hope, passion and vision.

Praying for you every day,

Pastor Bradley

Updated 4/21/20, 1:00pm

We are excited to announce that we will have weekly drive-in services every Sunday at 11am until local and state officials relax the current restrictions to a point where gathering inside the facility is possible. We hope to see you this Sunday!

Updated 3/16/2020, 5:40pm




For further details pertaining to issues addressed in the video please read the following:

In response to the CDC bulletin issued yesterday limiting public gatherings to 50 people or less and requesting that we encourage the elderly and those with underlying health conditions to avoid meeting in groups of any size for the next 8 weeks, we request your cooperation in applying the following protocols:


1. Effective today, all FWC Worship Experiences will be canceled for the next 8 weeks or until new CDC guidelines allow us to resume our regular worship schedule.


2. Effective today, all FWC scheduled events and all Social Group gatherings will be canceled for the same 8-week period.

We will notify you of any changes in event scheduling.


Each Sunday at 9am a Video Message will be posted on the FWC website and Facebook page for you to view at your convenience.



Here’s a few thoughts to prepare your heart to receive His Word for FWC at this time.




Biblical Principles and Perspectives to Consider

In 1 Kings 17 God sent Elijah to confront evil King Ahab and announce that there would be no rain except at his word.

Then God immediately took Elijah into hiding at Cherith. Could God not have protected him without hiding him?

The brook dried up. God brought Elijah out of hiding and sent him to Zarephath where miracles of supernatural provision and the resurrection of the widow’s son took place. 

He was stronger in faith after he’d been hidden.

Then, Elijah went back into hiding again. 

When he came out of hiding he challenged Ahab, Jezebel and the 850 false prophets of Baal and Asherah. He called fire down from heaven, slew the false prophets, Israel turned their hearts back to God and there was a national revival.

He was stronger in faith after he’d been hidden.

Romans 13:4, speaking of the role of a governmental ruler, tells us “he is God’s minister to you for good.”

So, I see our president and CDC as being used by God for our good; to protect us and prevent the unnecessary spreading of this devastating virus.

We won’t be able to gather for public worship for the next eight weeks so ...

Let’s trust that we’ll be stronger in faith after we’ve been hidden!

Jesus was supernaturally conceived, his birth announced by angels, God in the flesh, but when Herod determined to murder him GOD HID HIM IN EGYPT.

Did God not have power to overcome the plots and plans of a wicked king?

The issue is not always GOD’S POWER and OUR FAITH ... sometimes it’s about GOD’S PURPOSE and OUR FUTURE.

Jesus came out of hiding ... to fulfill God’s purpose and His destiny.

Let’s use this time of hiding to turn our hearts to God, believing that we will come out of hiding stronger in faith!


We invite you and your family to watch the video sermon which will be posted every Sunday morning at 9am and available for you to view at your convenience at "".


Don’t panic - but do pray.


“Remember that faith and wisdom are not enemies!”

Pastor James Bradley


Updated 3/13/2020, 1:30pm


In response to the CDC and the Indiana State Department of Health recommendations we request your cooperation in applying the following protocols:

  1. People will be seated in every other row of pews to comply with current social distancing and maximum event attendance standards. We leave it to the individual to determine their level of comfort in side-by-side seating.
  2. Please regularly wash your hands with soap & water for 20 seconds.
  3. Use the hand sanitizers provided in the foyers.
  4. Avoid physical contact but warmly greet one another with a smile or an elbow bump. Temporarily postpone handshakes and hugs.
  5. If you are sick with a cough, fever or flu-like symptoms please request prayer through the office and resume church attendance when you are symptom-free.
  6. If you have a coughing spell while in a church service please leave the sanctuary for the protection of others.
  7. Be conscious of your age-group risks and underlying health conditions and make attendance decisions that best protect you, your family and others.


SUNDAY MARCH 15th & 22nd

9 & 11am Worship Experiences


NURSERY (<3 yrs.)

All hard surfaces and toys will be regularly sanitized and disinfected for the protection of you, your children and our workers.

Personal toys will no longer be permitted in the nursery.

KIDZJAM & ECHO (Pre-School – High School Seniors)

Classes canceled for Sunday March 15 and 22.

Children should be seated with their parents/guardians.


Hospitality Room – Temporarily Closed

First time guests will be warmly welcomed in the sanctuary.

(The Hospitality Room will be closed until social distancing guidelines change.)


We will notify you of any upcoming changes in event scheduling or health safety protocols


Don’t panic - but do pray.


“Remember that faith and wisdom are not enemies!”

Pastor Jim Bradley


Sunday Worship Experiences

9 & 11 am


Please make your church attendance plans with consideration of your risk level, current health and underlying conditions and what is in the best interest of you and others.




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